The Southwest Coalition for Substance Abuse Issues


Southwest Coalition Membership Application

Three valuable benefits are yours when you join the Southwest Coalition

First, the coalition is a great place to stay up-to-date with ideas and information. By taking advantage of coalition programs and activities, you will know about best practices, emerging issues, and legislative initiatives. Further, you will have access to the knowledge of your peers in the field.

Second, the coalition is an avenue for developing relationships with other professionals who do work similar to yours. You can ask for ideas on handling a situation you face at work, learn about resources, and find a mentor — or even BE a mentor.

Finally, when you invest in your own professional development, you contribute to building your brand. Join the Southwest Coalition to demonstrate your commitment to the field, enhance your professional image, and improve career opportunities.


“The Southwest Coalition provides an excellent opportunity for prevention providers like me — those who work on the grassroots level to impact change in community attitudes, norms, and behaviors — to benefit from professional camaraderie as well as stay abreast of pressing issues facing the field. The coalition is critical to building awareness for the continuum of substance abuse services among professionals, opinion leaders, and those seeking substance abuse services.”

Joni Leigh, Director of Prevention Services

“Through community forums and other activities, the Southwest Coalition has strengthened important relationships among provides, public officials, and numerous organizations across Illinois. The coalition provides valuable information on substance use issues, promotes prevention and treatment practices, and advocates for public policies designed to reduce the risk associated with substance use.”

Paul Lauridsen, Clinical Director, Stepping Stones

“The Southwest Coalition has a long history of providing much-needed education and advocacy for addiction prevention, treatment, and recovery. As a result of the coalition’s work, communities across the region and the state have increased their knowledge of addiction issues, have prevented unnecessary tragedies, and have supported funding for prevention, treatment, and recovery programs. IADDA is a stronger association because of our collaboration with the Southwest Coalition.”

Sara M. Howe, CEO, IADDA

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